Healthy Keto Quick Start: A Practical Approach to Health and Weight Loss in one week


In this part, we will give you examples of Keto healthy breakfast that are low in carbs and contain enough fat to keep you satiated for hours. As you will notice, we didn’t provide you with the Calories value of each because your principal aim in this stage is to start safely to Keto Diet and avoid any side effects associated with the veto flu.

Classic bacon and eggs

This recipe is a classic breakfast in the ketogenic diet. Simple and rapid, this Breakfast is praised for its compliance to the keto diet and provides: Net carbs: 2 % (1 g), Fiber: 0 g, Fat: 75 % (22 g), Protein: 23 % (15 g)


Two eggs
1¼ oz. bacon, in slices
1 tomato (recommended)
fresh parsley (recommended)


Fry bacon until crispy in a pan on medium-high heat. Put on a plate. Leave the fat in the pan and fry the eggs in. Place it overheat and fry your eggs into the bacon grease.
Cut the tomato in slice and fry them with eggs.
Salt and pepper.

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