7 tips to Beautiful Hair

Apply Conditioner to Your Hair Before Swimming

Swimming is a fantastic activity to engage in; it’s relaxing and provides an excellent cardiovascular workout. However, the chlorine in pools can be incredibly damaging and more drying than even the worst sulfate containing shampoo. This is one of the reasons that women with really curly or kinky hair rightly shy away from swimming regularly. The adverse effects of swimming can be minimized by washing the chlorine out of the hair immediately after leaving the pool though this may not be enough if water alone dries your hair.
If you (or your child) has dry or damaged hair and are planning to hit the pool soon, consider the following routine to minimize damage during your next pool visit:
1. Apply a thick conditioner to your hair before entering the pool. Leave in conditioners work but definitely do not protect as well as a rinse-out or deep conditioner. Obviously, you do not want to apply something that will create a lot of suds in the pool, so play around with different products beforehand. The closer to pool time that you apply it, the better off you will be. A thick, hair grease can be applied as an alternative as this will prevent any water and damaging chemicals from penetrating your hair but will not necessarily keep your hair moisturized. You will also likely require a clarifying shampoo to wash the petrolatum out of your hair.
2. Rinse your hair after you exit the pool; this will get as much chlorine out of your hair as possible.
3. Plan on shampooing and deep conditioning your hair either the same day or the next day to help replenish the moisture that your hair has lost in the pool.
With these tips in hand, you no longer have to worry about your hair getting in the way of a good time!