7 Natural Beauty Tips That Will Make You Beautiful Forever


1. Steam Clean Your Face

You need to steam clean your face at least once a week to remove blackheads, dirt, blemishes and unwanted toxins. The moisture from the steam helps to plump up dehydrated skin cells, giving you a youthful glow. Experts claim that the heat can stimulate certain facial muscles, leading to fewer lines and wrinkles.

How to give yourself a facial steam

• Fill a large bowl with boiling water. Let the bowl stand for 5 minutes, as a gentle heat is all that is needed. For a little boost add a handful of herbs or a few drops of essential oil.
• Place a medium-sized towel over your head and neck and then lean forward over the bowl.
• Close your eyes and relax. Steam for about 10 – 15 minutes.
• Pat your skin dry with a clean towel and apply a nourishing moisturizer.

2. Soothe Tired And Puffy Eyes

Do you wake up with tired and puffy eyes? Here are a few things that can help soothe your eyes.

• Always remove your eye make-up before bed.
• Drink at least two liters of water a day to help flush out toxins and prevent fluid retention.
• Take care when applying eye cream. Make sure you gently dab the cream around the eye and not rub. Be careful to not get too close to your eye.
• If you do wake up with puffy eyes and you want to reduce the puffy effect then gently apply some cooling eye gel. Massage around the eye area working outwards. Place cucumber slices or cold chamomile tea bags on the eyes for 20 minutes.
• Puffy eyes are often caused by fluid retention and can be made worse by lying flat at night. Try changing your sleeping position. Add an extra pillow to help prevent fluids ‘pooling’.

3. Clean Your Face

Cleaning your face and removing your make up before bed is a must. I know it can be hard to stick to this when you have had a super stressful day and it is late. Believe me when I say it is amazing how much residue and crap gets clogged in your skin, and if it is not removed it will make your skin look dull and lifeless. Here are some reasons why cleaning your face every night will give you a beauty boost:

• Cleansing removes the residue of the day, which often gets stuck in your pores causing more blackheads.
• Cleansing will remove impurities that can often lead to breakouts.
• Daily face washing helps the natural exfoliation process by removing excess skin and buffing the skin to a radiant shine. This brightens skin and diminishes fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes.

4. Treat Rosacea

Rosacea is a fairly common skin disorder in which the nose, cheeks, forehead, or chin are affected. Rosacea can look like acne but isn’t. Unlike acne, rosacea doesn’t produce the typical blackheads or whiteheads and is more likely to be a problem after adolescents. Rosacea cannot be cured, but it can be soothed. Here are some ways that can help:

• Eating a diet rich in essential fatty acids will help reduce inflammation of the skin. Taking fish oil, flaxseed oil or hemp seed oil are all excellent sources of fatty acids.
• Loading up on your greens will help soothe the redness. By eating spirulina and your green vegetables you are receiving a high supply of phytonutrients.
• Calm the inflammation with a cup of green tea which is full of healing properties.
• Avoid or reduce alcohol, coffee, and spicy foods as they aggravate the skin.
• Reduce your exposure to the sun, wind, and stress.
• Treat Rosacea naturally by applying pure Aloe Vera. The healing properties of this plant help reduce facial redness, whilst soothing and calming the skin. Aloe Vera also helps regenerate and heal skin tissue.
• Try slicing raw cucumber and applying to the skin for 10 minutes to help calm the redness.
• Cleanse your face with 100% jojoba oil – it is amazing for rosacea. Jojoba oil contains essential omega 6 and 9 fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E in the perfect balance to support skin health. It has been used through the ages to deep cleanse, moisture and condition all skin types.

5. Be Sunscreen Savvy

UV radiation is the main cause of premature aging and uneven pigmentation. The best way to protect your skin is to use a face moisturizer or foundation that contains at least SPF 15. Always—no matter what season or climate you live in—wear sunscreen on your face, hands, and on any part of your skin that is exposed. Here are some facts about sunscreen that you need to know

• The SPF in your day creams and foundations provide what is called ‘urban’ protection. It is designed for minimal sun exposure. If you are spending more than 20 minutes outside it is recommended that you apply a stronger sunscreen.
• For maximum protection, you need to reapply every two hours. Even sunscreens that state ‘all-day protection’ needs to be applied every two hours.
• Throw out your sunscreen every year and invest in a new tube. Whilst the expiry date is usually two years, it is wise to replace your sunscreen every year to ensure maximum protection.

6. Looking After Your Lips

After your eyes, your lips are the most vulnerable area in the fight against aging. Unlike your face, the skin that makes up your lips is much more delicate and finer – which makes them much more exposed to aging. Some ways that you can treat your lips right are:

• Drink plenty of water to keep your lips hydrated and plump.
• Don’t wait for your lips to become dry and cracked, use an intensive lip balm for nourishment and hydration every few hours.
• Your lips are exposed to the elements also; don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your lips.
• Apply a conditioning mask to your lips while you sleep. Mix 5ml of vitamin E oil with one drop of rose essential oil. Apply at night and leave on. This treatment will give your lips an instant shine.

7. Tiny Red Thread Veins

The little red veins that are found more commonly on the cheeks and nose of fair-skinned people are caused by exposure to heat, cold or wind. Make sure you treat your skin gently to combat these little red veins. Avoid using very hot water and protect your skin in extreme temperatures. Wear a moisturizer daily, and an SPF 15 sunscreen to prevent any further damage.