9 Dermatologist-Approved Tips to Un ‘lock’ The Hair of Your Dreams

Don’t Go Broke Buying Expensive Products

The beauty aisle in any pharmacy or grocery store is a beautiful array of multicolored hair products meant to appeal to the aesthetic inclinations of women everywhere. I have personally been known to reach and grab the products with the most beautiful packaging, especially when I knew less about what to look for on the ingredients label. Back then, I also spent a lot of money just out of a pure desire to try as many products as possible, even when I had products at home that worked just fine. It was almost like an addiction. I had become a certified “product junkie.”
After reading this article, I want to urge you to avoid the desire to purchase tons of products. If this is the first time that you are going to try to “go healthy” regarding your hair care, keep a few things in mind before you go to the hair store:
1. Go to the store with a plan. Check out non-biased sources for recommendations on products for your hair type and research the ingredients online. Every woman, especially if your hair is dry or damaged, should have a reliable product from each of the following categories:
Rinse out conditioner
Leave-in conditioner/daily moisturizer
Deep Conditioner
Start with these “core four” products and then go on from there. If your hair is really damaged and you need a protein conditioner, add that too. Don’t get hypnotized with things like ‘smoothing oil,’ ‘hair nutrient complex’ and other fancy-sounding products. Just stick with the basics.
2. Use the ingredients listed in this article to help guide your product selection. If you find the perfect shampoo for you and its $2, then great, you’re all set!
3. Resist the temptation to buy products just because they are expensive; they still may be damaging to your hair. Obviously, there are some expensive products that are quite amazing but do your research first and don’t be guided by price alone.
4. Be patient! It may take months, even a couple of years before you find the right set of products for your hair, but if you’re not satisfied, keep looking. The ideal shampoo should leave your hair feeling clean, but not dry. The ideal deep conditioner should make your hair feel nice and soft and allow it to retain that level of moisture for at least a few days.

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