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10 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

1.You don’t mind apologizing

Relationships are complicated and need work. And no matter how well you get along, there will be times of conflict. However, what allows healthy relationships to succeed, is the willingness of both partners to work on it.
If both of you can say that you are sorry and don’t hold on to pride, then that’s a sign of a healthy relationship. In a relationship, it is important that you are able to admit when you make a mistake and are willing to apologize.

2.You are a team

The best thing about having a best friend is that he or she got your back. And that’s the same in a relationship. Both of you are willing to defend the other person in their absence or their presence.
In a group setting, other people can see that you are a union by the way you communicate and respect each other. A healthy relationship is where you both make each other look good and support each other.

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